To bring joy to the lives of as many of those children as we can is literally a dream for us.

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Our passion to provide beautiful, peaceful places for children to rest and recover, is growing. We have a dream of reaching across borders and oceans to include children that are stuck in the cycle of poverty and oppression. We want to be a part of giving them hope for a bright tomorrow and a wonderful future. By showing these children love from people in their communities or half way around the world, we hope to inspire them to wish for things bigger than they could imagine and to have suite dreams.


Through committed volunteers, designers and artisans, the Suite Dreams Project provides a beautiful children’s bedroom, transforming them into healing spaces custom-designed to the child’s chosen theme and unique medical needs. This will help improve their quality of life and hopefully speed their recovery.


Your donation or gift to the Suite Dreams Project helps to create healing environments for children with a wide range of illnesses and injuries. You can help us accomplish our mission and passion to provide these healing environments.

The Suite Dreams Project Recent Healing Environments

Age: 9 years old
Illness: Leukodystrophy (vanishing white matter in the brain) and respiratory failure
Room Captains: Kay Ponicall, David King, Kris Appleby and Lauren Tonne
Furniture: Art Van Furniture Scott Patrick from the Taylor Store
Designer: Jeffrey King Interiors Jeffrey King and David King