The Suite Dreams Project is a unique and innovative program of the General Sports Foundation, a Michigan non-profit organization. Our focus is to serve children and families in low and moderate income, urban areas by transforming their bedrooms into beautiful healing spaces where they can rest and recover. The Suite Dreams Project utilizes the assistance of designers and volunteers to create these unique environments complete with healing elements specific to the needs of each sick child. We assist in obtaining any furniture, materials and equipment necessary to create the “suite” of each child’s dream.

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Founding Families

The goal of the campaign was to raise $100,000.00 through gifts of $1,000.00 by one hundred individuals or families and it was finally met! The families who invested have helped the Suite Dreams Project build a financial foundation that will provide long-term growth and stability well into the future. The endowment serves as an investment fund for our charity and will remain in its eternity. All funds received for our endowment will be invested in a separate fund that will not be used. However, the interest received from the fund each year will be used to help our charity fund a variety of projects and operating needs.

The Acheson Family
Valerie and Brad Ahlgren
Samar and Steven Ajluni
Maggie and Robert Allesee
Valiena and Daniel Allison
Mona and Richard Alonzo
Cindy and Don Anderson
Kris and Andy Appleby
Katie and Kirk Aubry
Katy Augier
Cheri and Don Bailey
Laura and Steven Benacquisto
Christine and John Bonner
Jeanne and John Bourget
Alexandria and Peter Burton
Noelle and Kurt Cassel
Vicki and Thomas Celani
Margo Cohen-Feinberg
Susan and Van Conway
Marsha and David Cragg
Laurie and Tom Cunnington
Kim and Ken Dalen
Gretchen and Ethan Davidson
The Dickow Family
Sonal and Dilip Dubey
Lil and Alex Erdeljan
Amy and Stan Erjavac
Carolyn and Frank Ewasyshyn
Ferrantino Charitable Foundation
Kellie and Michael Ferrantino
Sachiko and Steven Finch
Charlie Finkbeiner
Jennifer and David Fischer
David and Darcy Fischer
Carolyn and Dennis Flynn
Alice and James Forrest
Judith and Lee Gardner
Patty and C.J. Ghesquiere, III
Janine and Joseph Giacalone
Suzanne and Gene Goins
Darla and Don Harbaugh
Carol Ann Hanzl
Sallie and Mark Hogan
Kelle and Christopher Ilitch
Una Jackman
Kimberly and Roger Jackson
Darlene and M. David Jackson
Sarah and Steven Jackson
Diana and Marty Johnson
Pam and David Johnson
Susie and Peter Keane
Elizabeth and Michael Kojaian
Kori Koskie
Kellie Krane
Beverly and Irving Laker
Carrie and Geoff Langdon
Barbara Lerner
Elaine Lewenz
Michael Maiman
Barbara and Rod Marinelli
Mitzi and Patrick Martin
Kathleen and Hazen McCann
Nancy and Thomas McGowen
Thomasina McGraw
Amanda Moncur
The Montagano Family
Lindsay and Matt Moroun
The Morris Family
Jill and David Pasant
Andrea and George Peck
Jennifer and Roger Penske, Jr.
Pamela Pitchford
Kay and Michael Ponicall
Patricia and James Prowse
Barbara A. Quilty
Darrel Reece
Maurcine and Lloyd Reuss
Wendy and Yvon Russell
Rhonda and Paul Sabatini
Rebecca and Gary Sakwa
Mary and J.M. Pete Salpietra
Miriam and John Samani
The Sammut Family
Candace and Dan Sebold
Carol and Suhail Shaya
The Shuert Family
Stuart and Jill Siegel
Julie and Julio Sosa
David M. Techner
Laura and Bart Tinsley
Deborah and Michael Tirico
Nancy and Craig Valassis
Katie Valenti
Art Van Elslander
Vicki and Rick Vlasic
Kathy and Rick Wagoner
Nicole and Norman Yatooma
Julie and Ron Yolles
Kim and Jim Zaguroli
Shelley and Frank Zucker

The Suite Dreams Project Story

Kay Ponicall always dreamed about creating fairy tale bedrooms for children in need. One day, she found herself sitting next to Kris Appleby. Kris had been searching for a worthwhile cause to fund through the General Sports Foundation; a charity recently set up by her husband’s company. After further discussing their ideas, the pair decided to create the Suite Dreams Project.

The Suit Dreams Project would allow children with serious medical conditions to pick and create “a suite of their dreams”. The main goal of the foundation is to brighten the lives of these children by giving them a place of magic and warmth where their dreams are brought to life. Kris and Kay finished their first bedroom in 2001 and have not looked back since.

The selection process of the Suite Dreams Project is very rigorous. We look not only at the child’s condition, but also their family’s financial and personal backgrounds. The Suite Dreams Project works with area hospitals who send us applicants they believe are most deserving of “a suite of their dreams”. Once a child is approved, we meet with a designer and a group of volunteers who will be involved in the preparation of the bedroom. Once the design team has been determined, we pick out the furniture, bedding, mattress and accessories from a donated supplier to make the bedroom really come to life. When the room is complete, it is time to reveal the new bedroom to the child and their family. This is the moment everyone at the Suite Dreams Project looks forward to as the joy and excitement on the child’s face, makes it all worth it.

Kris and Kay have created a remarkable charity that is rewarding in so many ways. Being a part of the creation of a child’s bedroom at the Suite Dreams Project is a truly unique and rewarding experience. Kay and Kris are a wonderful team, as each of them brings a new perspective and different ideas to the charity. Kay is the dreamer, originator and the idea creator, while Kris is the dynamic force pushing the Suite Dreams Project forward. They are both “go-getters” who are passionate about the mission, which is why the charity has been successful for over 13 years, helping hundreds of sick children along the way. Kris and Kay want to touch as many sick children’s lives as they can by giving them hope to fight their nightmare of an illness.