House of Providence 2014

The House of Providence is a therapeutic home for minors who are wards of the State of Michigan and who find themselves languishing without a prospect of adoption. They provide vital ministry to children in need of intervention and support services. As a result of the direct care and individual attention given, these youths will grow into whole, independent and successful adults realizing the potential that God has destined for them. Most importantly, they will become part of a family that will provide a permanent support system, perhaps for the first time ever.

At this year’s 2014 Hats Off Luncheon we chose The House of Providence to be our “Call to Action” and raised money to build a Boy’s Home since they already have a Girls’s Home. Once Maggie and Jay Dunn find a house in Detroit for this project, the SDP will then use all of the money we raised to redo the inside of the house. If you would like to donate to this cause, please go to “Giving” and write in the comment box, for your generous donation to go to the Boy’s Home. We would love to have volunteers for this project as well. Please email if you are interested in volunteering for The House of Providence project.