Matthew’s Room

  • Child: Matthew
  • Age: 9 years old
  • Illness: Leukodystrophy (vanishing white matter in the brain) and respiratory failure
  • Room Captains: Kay Ponicall, David King, Kris Appleby and Lauren Tonne
  • Furniture: Art Van Furniture Scott Patrick from the Taylor Store
  • Designer: Jeffrey King Interiors Jeffrey King and David King
  • Donated Mattresses: Designer Furniture Services
  • Contractor: John Howard
  • Paint: Sherwin Williams Metropolitan Parkway Bernie Schmidt and Ashlei Garcia
  • Rug: Pro Rugs
  • Get Organized: Regan Wright
  • SpongeBob Meet and Greet: Bounce N' Slide Tom Boyce
  • Donated Gifts: Cy Rapezzi

Volunteers: Angie Riggs, Jack Riggs, Dalton Riggs, Carson Riggs, Wilson Riggs, Anna Myny, Miranda Myny, Drake Myny, Sandy Nida, Cerise Nida, Stacey Dewey, Josephine Munaco, Chris Marta, Kathy Reid, Cindy Luce, Dana Brophy, Ronnie Dahl, Kathy Swartz, David King, Charlie King, Alison King, Vanessa King, Robert Reid, Kris Appleby, Avery Appleby, Quinn Appleby, MacCall Appleby, Brock Appleby, John Howard, Kay Ponicall and Lauren Tonne

Project Completed: 03.09.2014

WXYZ News Story, March 2014: At the Anderson home, a flurry of activity is underway. Volunteers building, organizing and redesigning. The goal is to turn a tiny home into a healing space for a little boy and his family. They have been through so much in recent years. “The journey has been hard.” said Flora Anderson. “Every time we go to the hospital we come back and we don’t know if we are going to bring him home.” Matthew is 9 years old. When he was 3, he was diagnosed with an incurable disease. He has Leukodystrophy. Doctors didn’t think he would live to see his fourth birthday. He has lost his motor skills, stopped talking, stopped eating and is now connected to an oxygen machine.