R-turn is a program started by a group of kids from Cranbrook and Detroit Country Day schools. R-turn is about giving back; it is about making a difference in the world. It connects real need in our community or around the globe with those who are willing to help. Together we are making a difference.

On a recent trip to Africa, a few of the r-turn committee members were fortunate enough to visit an orphanage in Kenya. They were struck by the need in Africa knowing that their, own education is one of privilege and that they could help make a difference by giving the kids in Africa a proper school.

The LOOSE CHANGE CHALLEGE is a campaign between Cranbrook and Detroit Country Day Schools and the goal is to raise enough money to complete a school that is currently under construction. Over the past year, we have raised $40,000 and we need your help to complete the construction of this school where over 600 children will attend classes daily.